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FXBit is a crypto payment platform, who provides a comprehensive and secure capital delivery service. Transaction can be done without the limitation of time and location. FXBit is the perfect solution to assist individual and company to deal with the worldwide remittance and payment issues with the locked currency exchange rate to eliminate the risk from fluctuation. From SMEs to international corporations, FXBit supports merchants, especially who are underserved by the traditional bank through the innovative crypto payment platform.





A variety of world-class remittance companies and internal authorized settlement providers are in cooperation with FXBit to develop a fast, stable and comprehensive commercial settlement solutions. FXBit provides a flexible payment method, including cash withdrawals, prepaid cards and mass payment via the support of a wide range of currencies over 200 countries, as well as the capital exchange in six main currencies(HKD, USD, EUR, GBP, RMB).





Our payment technology and experts secure every detail of the remittance and payment. The service in FXBit creates a secure and reliable crypto remittance channel in the aim of a smooth transaction progress. Multi-lingual help desk in multiple channels are established to support merchants at anytime, anywhere, and to minimize the language barriers to widen the business globally.

Online Gateway

Instant rate

  • Add and manage cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, USDT) and traditional currency (HKD, USD, GBP, EUR, RMB).
  • Pay by cryptocurrency to send traditional currency to any bank account at instant exchange rates.

Mass batch

  • Complete mass money transfer orders at one time easily.

Mobile App

Secure QR code

  • Manage your FxBit crypto and traditional currency balance, and transfer fund with one single app.
  • Use FxBit's billing and invoicing tools to accept overseas payments from customers with secure QR code.

Friendly reminder

  • SMS receipt after making payment order.

T+2 Delivery

60 Countries

No hidden charge

Gain Business Advantages

Create considerable and sustainable revenue

As a partner of FXBit, you will gain full access to our crypto payment processing platform. For online or offline merchants, this could mean a potential huge source of revenue, say “Fintech Payment Service”, in addition to your original payment options.


Handle large volume request smartly

On FXBit’s online platform, you can real time transfer your cryptocurrencies to all countries that FXBit has presence in with 24/7 basis. Even the volume of fund is large, you can transfer it safely, easily and conveniently.

Connect worldwide to explore global business

Crypto may be the most advanced tool to enhance settlement and payment between China, Hong Kong and foreign countries. Enhanced by such payment convenience, you are empowered to expand business to China and international regions.


Reselling Affiliate Program

Establish a win-win partnership with FXBit

A firm belief of FXBit is that “Partnership is the key to success”. Therefore, we cherish every relationship with our business partners. Being part of our reselling affiliate program, you will be offered the following attractive business benefits:

  • Attractive incentive: earn enormous revenue on top of your original business
  • Service discount: enjoy our bank-level payment tools with a premium discount
  • Wider range of products for selling: Offer more products to your clients and make money through cross-selling

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